Photo equipment

This page is dedicated to the equipment we use and will be updated as and when we make additions - as most of photography equipment is expensive this wont be very often !
Main Camera is now a Nikon D 800s this is a spectacular camera just recently added to our equipment
Second camera is the Nikon D 300s
Main lens is a Sigma 150- 500 with stabilizer which all the bird and animal pictures were taken. this is a really great lens and really good value for the money. Lately we have found it is really good for images of flowers and plants .
Wide Angle Lens is Sigma 10-20mm :F3.5 DC

A 25m -70mm F2.8 Sigma Lens and a Nikon 50mm F 1.4
Also we have a Sigma X2 teleconverter only disadvantage is that there is no auto focus with the
Sigma 150-500 lens

we also use a Sigma F2.8 70-200 mm Mark 2 however a bit more cash would have got the same but with stabilizer when this lens is used with the teleconverter there is auto focus but you have to hold it really steady or use a tripod or fast speed
Tripod is Benro with ball head and a Benro mono pod with Manfrotto ball head

Back up Camera is Nikon D70

In addition we have a Canon S90 which is very good point and shoot camera much more convenient for taking good quality images.